Monday, April 24, 2006

college and sleep

its impossible to sleep in college. I have been here for two years now and I dont think I have ever gone to bed before 1am. And on average I probably fall asleep around 3am. And the crazy thing is, I have talked to many peers that do the same thing. Its amazing everybody gets up in the morning and has a productive day, which I know I sometimes don't. The worst thing about it is I dont know why this is, and no matter how hard I try I cant fix it. Oh well, maybe ill get caught up on 4 years of missed sleep when I graduate. But I probably wont.

Another Ipod post

Ipods have changed the way I listen to music in every apect. Not only am I able to upload hundreds of CDs, and thousands of songs with ease and listen to them anywhere I go. But the fact that I can listen to these songs in my car with the Itrip has completly changed my life. I dont have to carry around a huge CD case with all my CDs in it because I can just have my little Ipod in the car. I dont have to keep changing CDs, and I dont have to listen to whole CDs at a time, I can skip through albums with ease. But most importantly, I dont have to buy all these CDs or spend my whole weekend burning them. I can just borrow a friends CD collection and upload 10 CDs in 30 minutes. Crazy. I LOVE IPODS.
P.S. I hope this post doesnt get me in trouble with the government. If it does, then I'm just kidding about all this. But seriously, its awsome.

The government is giving the internet away!

It seems like Congress is going to hand the internet over to AT&T. This could be the worst thing ever, and I really hope this does not get voted in. This guy Art Brodsky thinks it will happen but doesnt really explain what the effects could be. And I don't really know either, but it can't be good. Right now the internet is a free flowing entity that anyone can do anything on. If it is run by a private organization they will be able to regulate what web sites are put up and who can view them. I hope this gets enough press coverage so people know what is going on and maybe the public can do something to stop it. Becuase, after all, it does belong to the public and the government cant just take it away from us without a fight.

Monday, February 20, 2006

i was at the O.A.R. concert at the IU Auditorium last night and there was an opening band called Exit. At the end of their set, they told fans they can check out thier music video on This website is perfect for bands trying to get their name out because they are able to put music videos and songs up for anyone with a computer to see. Word spreds like wildfire on the internet, and they are also able to put band info such as tourdates up there. There is even an opportunity for them to communicate with the fans on there, fans can leave comments or questions and usually the band will answer back.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

digital bands

i have a friend who is in a band that is still very new, but has a couple of songs and very good connections. They are in the works with signing with a label in California and already have some deadlines to meet. The only problem is, all four members attend different colleges. No problem.

They were able to obtain programs where each of them can write and record their own part of the song and place it into a program they can all access. Then when all the peices are put together they tweak it, and discuss what needs to be changed or done to make it better by chatting on a conference call type thing on the internet.

This is incredible, and although this is only temporary until they get home for summer and are able to practice together, the band would seize to exist without this technology and all their dreams would be dead or never would have even started.


living in todays society is crazy. today i wanted to watch the new episode of Lost, but i hadnt seen the previous weeks episode. In the last thousand years, if this was the case i would have been screwed looking around campus looking for someone who had taped it. and since this was about two hours before the show started i doubt that would have worked out.

but tongiht, all i had to do was go on the computer, run Itunes, and download the episode for $1.99 and could watch it commerical free on my computer in time for the show. love it.

Friday, February 10, 2006

facebook has been in the news recently because some guy running for a politcal position in Indiana is caught up in a scandal involving his daughter. She goes to IU and has pictures of her drinking on her facebook profile. Because she is only 19, someone found these photos of her underage drinking and published them in newspapers. I think its crazy how big Facebook has gotten and the effect it is having on people. It is also known that companies, when hiring recent grads, will check the facebook pages of hopeful employers. In under two years, this has become a monster and will continue to grow. It will be interesting to see the future of this.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

my first post

my first post.